Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hackers strike again, Lockheed Martin latest victim

Image from WikiPedia article linked below.

Ok, so over at RSA back in March, they had a data breach (the original source linked to by HAD had gone missing shortly after HAD reported on it, and it was from an RSA press release, here is the NY Times article).  They weren't sure what was taken but it was related to their SecureID products.

Well the breachers DID apparently take something important because now over at Lockheed Martin, who use the very RSA secure tokens that "may" have been breached, there was another hack.  Coming from BoingBoing I'm waiting to hear from other sources to see what the full extent is, since other government contractors could also be affected, but this does not bode well for other organizations.  I know some large hospitals across the country and the World Bank use similar devices for their remote workers and some partners.

HEY BIG COMPANIES:  When you get breached, even if you think nothing was taken or the stuff was "encrypted", DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!!!   This is why California enacted laws that say you HAVE to tell people, quickly and in writing, when stuff like this happens with customer or consumer data.

I'm looking at you Sony!

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