Saturday, May 21, 2011

Extreme Couponing

<rant>Ok, so now that TLC is no longer the "Learning" channel, and has become the "Looney" channel, they have this new show about Food Hoarders Extreme Couponing.

So these ladies clip just about every coupon they can get their hands on, they also have membership cards for their local supermarket, and they plan this out like a military raid almost.  One even has an Excel spreadsheet to make sure every coupon counts ahead of time.  Every product, every sale, every available quantity, they meticulously count out the savings.

It doesn't matter if they already have a billion of a particular product at home already.  If it gives them 6 more for a penny, they will do it. 

This one lady bought $600+ worth of shit personal care products and groceries for $2.41!  The whole of her basement is a stash worth over the cost of a new luxury car (read $30,000+)!

I can understand getting the best deals, and I know groceries are getting expensive with fuel prices going up.  But for fuck's sake, do you really need 140 LARGE bottles of laundry detergent for a family of 4?!?!  Who does that much laundry?!?!   And to buy 6 more because you can get it for 25 cents?  That's clinical obsession, no butts about it. 

If they were donating a lot of this stuff to a food kitchen or a homeless shelter or for displaced individuals from floods or fires, I would line up to pay their 6 dollar (actual retail price $1000+) grocery hauls.  But they don't, they displace all their personal belongings and stuff every crevice of their houses for more shit groceries they already have and don't need.</rant>

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